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Imagine that you are pregnant. You are in your ninth month. You feel an intense pain. You faint. When you wake up you are at the hospital, surrounded by police officers. They accuse you of having killed your own baby. This is the story of Teodora Vásquez, the spokesperson of the Seventeen accused of aggravated homicide because of having an obstetric emergency in El Salvador.

Fly so Far started as a project in 2017 when Salvadorean director Celina Escher visited the 17 women in the Ilopango prison in El Salvador. Since then we have been working to create a film that can contribute to their struggle and take their stories out of prison. As a project, it was selected at Docs for Sale at IDFA 2020 and as the Swedish Film Institute Wildcard for the Pitch session at Nordisk Panorama Forum 2019. It has also been pitched at Tempo Documentary Festival in 2018 and Stockholm Film Festival in 2017, and presented at the Swedish session of EURODOC 2019.

Pråmfilm is a young production company with an international scope. We produce documentaries that raise social questions and aim to challenge current norms. We want to create space for new promising film directors and highlight stories that explore the world from new perspectives. Our productions include The Antifascists (2017) by Patrik Öberg, which was shown in over 50 countries; and All We Own (2019) by Emily Norling, which won the Swedish Academy Award for Newcomer of the Year and competed for the Nordic:Dox Award at CPH:DOX in 2019. Our most recent productions are Hackitat (2020) by Alex Veitch and Kristoffer Kronander and Fly So Far (2021) by Celina Escher.

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Teodora and the 17+

Teodora Vásquez was in the ninth month of her pregnancy in 2007 when she fainted and had a stillbirth while working. When she woke up at the hospital, she was accused of aggravated murder and sentenced to 30 years of prison. Teodora became the spokesperson of the women facing the same charges as her.



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